Blackrock                              pg2

Oggaroth Steps Up Attacks      pg3

Treasures of Tokuno              pg4

New 'life' in Umbra                 pg5

News from Magincia              pg6

Humanis Treatise                    pg7

Personality of the Month         pg8

Interview with the Warden                                                    pg9-10

Yew's Growing Influence      pg11

How to Play Cards           pg12-13

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Deepest apologies from the island of Magincia for the lateness of this publication. Much of our work was suspended when we heard our Magnate was unjustly locked away in prison. We can only prey that he be released as soon as possible.

If you are a subscriber of this newsletter the publishers ask you to write in to the Regency and petition them to release the Magnate right away!
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