Interview with the Jailer
- By Prince Auris
I met with Warden Liam Malone in the upstairs office at the Trinsic
jail.  It was a quiet afternoon with few visitors, jailor Flo Gipping was on
duty keeping guard, and the Warden was able to spare some time for the
following interview.

A: Warden Malone, I am Auris Isk, we have met before.  I come this time not as
a visitor but to interview you for Magincia's publication, The Voice.
Everything we say will be on the record, does that meet with your approval?

L: Of course.

A: It is well known that your jail houses Magnate Isk.

L: Aye, Isk has been with us for some time now.
Auris interviews Liam while Athlon watches
A: Can you explain to our readers the circumstances that brought him here?

L: Aye, that I could, to a point.  The Regency has contracted with Trinsic to
house their prisoners and guard them.   The Regency retains jurisdiction
over all the legal proceedings.   The Regency guard brought Lord Isk in, and
he has remained with us since.

A: What charges is he held under?

L: He is held for treason, conspiracy against the Regency, and conspiracy to
murder the Regent, though I feel compelled to add he has not been arraigned
on any of these charges.

A: I am not sure I understand you.  I thought an arraignment was the first part
of the judicial process, where it was decided if there was enough evidence
to warrant holding a man over for trial.

L: You are correct young Auris, that it is.  A week after your father came to
stay with us the Regent came with her guards to take him for an arraignment,
before I had taken him out of his cell she changed her mind.  No one has
returned since that night, near two weeks ago, for any legal proceedings.

A: I think our readers can follow that, thank you for clearing it up so nicely
Warden Malone. I would like to give you a chance to clear up the rumors flying about the
realm of the preferential treatment Magnate Isk receives in comparison to
the other prisoners in the Trinsic jail.

L: I have nothing to hide there.  I stand by the decisions I make for the jail
and the care carried out by my jailors.

A: It is said that the Magnate does not eat the same food as the rest of the

L: That is true at times.  Lord Isk's mask puts constrains on his diet.  I have
no problems making allowances for that.  All the inmates are fed well, at
least two of the three meals each day are hots.

A: What of the talk of his high amount of visitors?

L: It is true that the Lord Isk has more visitors than any man since I have
been Warden, but then again he leads Magincia.  The Regency sends many to
see him, he has a large family, and he friends with other nobles, and then
of course those wanting to help with his defense, which have been many..  He
has the right as does any inmate to turn away visitors he does not care to
see.  Of course all visitors must sign in and abide by the rules of the
jail, including visiting hours.  The Magnate's visitors have been well
mannered with only a few exceptions.
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