From what we can tell the stuff called “Blackrock” first appeared after a whirlwind of anti-magic was destroyed in the lower level of Terathan keep. It is said that a few large chunks of Blackrock were separated from it as the whirlwind broke apart. A few days later Blackrock began to literally fall from the sky, all the facets were effected. This lead many to search the corners of the lands for the mysterious stuff.

When the Blackrock stopped raining a group of mages discovered that the rock can be used in a similar way to reagents. The secret incantations of a long forgotten spell were leaked from an unknown source and soon suicidal mages the world over were attempting to use Blackrock in order to understand its capabilities. Rumours of exploding magic users lead to stories of whisps appearing to answer the call of spells fuelled by the Blackrock.

One group in particular called the Zog Cabal began to seek out the secrets of the Blackrock. In one of their excursions which involved lady Ishtar of the Hand of Ra, the Cabalists whipped out a secret research base dedicated to studying the rock. Many began to fear the knowledge the Zog Cabal’s leader Cear Dallben might have and rumours persist that the long feared Armageddon spell may soon be uncovered by this chaotic sect.

More recently miners have begun to report stories of Blackrock Elementals and Blackrock ore veins. If anyone has further information on this latest rumour contact the paper for a reward.
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