Oggaroth Steps Up Attacks
The dark cult of Oggaroth began its campaign of carnage in Moonglow where supposedly the daemonic menace desecrated the inn with bodies and marked up the walls with pro-elven graffiti. The Moonglow incident was investigated by then general Sid and lord Porthos but no leads could tie the event to the cult.

The evil continued when Wicked Rose of the Hand of Ra was abducted by the minions of Oggaroth. Though she was missing for a short time she experienced great suffering at the hands of Ďa cloaked maní and various minions that could not be described. Wicked Rose was found pinned to the loyalist table in Serpentís Hold by a nail through her hand. She lost a great amount of blood and had to be cared for by her guild. Meanwhile stories of Oggaroth began to emerge. Rumours had it that since no-one could claim having seen a minion of this cult it  may not even exist and therefore some outside power was responsible for staging a hoax. On the flip side of this rumour was Wicked Rose who insisted that her ordeal was true.

Much was dispelled when Isk brought in a priest of the Oggaroth cult. The priest was placed in Yew for questioning but was mysteriously released by the lady Regent, Lia L. The release of the man that claimed to be an Oggaroth priest caused a few to suspect that the group responsible for the Oggaroth attacks stems within the Regency itself. Rumour has it that the Regency elves invented Oggaroth in order to wrest greater control over the loyalist humans and the ploy may just be working since a member of the Hand of Ra now sits as the General of the Loyalists and the human who once held the position, Lord Sid, has been ousted from his chair.

The incident with the priest of Oggaroth combined with the fact that lord Sid of Yew has been removed from his position has made the Queen of Yew quite upset. Speculators are suggesting that the Regency and Yew may find themselves in a state of conflict sooner than later.
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