Ishtar's Hunt
-by Ishtar
    With high hopes I travel the lands of the Tokuno Islands to hunt for treasures again.  My ventures first led me to The Fan Dancer Dojo.  I took Amun, my trusty and loyal white wyrm on the journey and made my way from one room to another.  Finally, I reached the demon room in a deep section of this dungeon.  For hours I had Amun slaughter the foul creatures in hopes I would get a gift for my valor.  It was to no avail. 

I held my chin up and then decided to try another spot.  Carefully we made our way out and on to where the Citadel lies and lesser hiryus spawn.  One after another we took these birds of power down and after about another hour still nothing.  Except for a needed trip to the bank for more bandages and then to the Palace for repairs.   Thinking to myself, "maybe a new tactic is needed."  I walked from Zento bank to the stables and decided to let Amun get some rest.  I chose another one of my favorite pets for hunting.  Anubis, a shadow cu sidhe.

I hopped up on Anubis' back and then with a little bit of magic recalled to the Palace to seek out Hephaesta, the guild crafter.   Upstairs in the shop area of the palace she was there toiling away.  "Can you repair my suit?"  I asked her.  And with one of her sweet smile she said, "Sure I can.  Hand it over my lady."  I handed over my damaged armor and waited for her to fix it with her deft skill.  In moments she had it repairs and handed it back to me.  "Thank you!", I told her as I took it with a smile.  "Be careful my lady.", she responded and went back to her previous work.

I donned my armor.  Took a deep breath and used some more magic to look for something else.  Off to Homare-Jima we go.  We started at the gate where I dismounted and summoned my ethereal mount.  Carefully we made our way northwest to where the revenant lions, bone knight, ronin and bone mages spawned.  I also took in mind not to go too far north to avoid the yamadon.  I had Anubis  attack the first ronin to come across our path.  We traveled along the mountain and back and forth through the dead forest killing everything in our path.  Shortly after, success!  With a smile we pushed on and did well hunting for the elusive artifacts.
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