New 'Life' In Umbra
-by a visitor to Umbra (Nameless)
It seems there is activity again, in Umbra. After many long years of silence and lowered economy after the fall of the Ministry's rule, rumors abound that the city is thriving, once more. Optimism is the undercurrent of the city, though at times I would swear it was simply confidence. But confidence at what, I can only wonder. As I stare into the northern distance, I can make out a large keep on a hill. Smoke rises from a vent on the side of the massive structure. Someone, or something, is busy at work inside.

There are also whispers of a lively military in service, though when I visited I did not see any. The newest ruler of this realm is Ceinwyn ab'Arawn, she has dubbed herself Matriarch, and despite everyone's initial fear, she has increased the economy and workforce.
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