News from Magincia
- By Prince Athlon
It is my honor to announce the completion of the Basillica of the
Magincian's.   Between the handsome bronze statues of my parents we have
placed a bulletin board so the Royal Family can keep all of the citizens of
Magincia current on important matters.
While my father has been detained in Trinsic, I have aquired a
gulliotine and had it placed atop the cultural centre.  All can be assured
of swift justice in Magincia.  Please stop by, read the important works;
Year Zero by my father, Isk, and The Manifesto by my friend Khay'thall, and
His Words too,  pay your respects to Saint Antonious, and visit with my
family if we are in.  Make sure you check out the new gulliotine up on the
roof before you leave while it is still shiny and new.
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