Humanis Treatise
It takes more courage than most of us Humans have to say, even to ourselves, that there is more to life than merely surviving. There is more to existence than ruling or being ruled. More than praising Virtue and collecting gold, more than clinging to past deeds and running with the beasts of change. To become complete one must be willing to come to terms with oneself as a human.
Men have no right to complain that they are naturally short lived or that it is chance and not merit that decides their lives. On the contrary, reflection will show that nothing exceeds or surpasses the powers with which nature has endowed humanity, and that it is rather energy we lack than strength or length of days when it comes to the pursuit of true self-knowledge. Indeed some of us never look within ourselves for the things we need to be complete. Instead some humans spend their eternity looking outward, defining themselves solely by the wealth they accumulate, the pawns they play and the lands they own, never realizing that all their material possessions are valueless because they take away from human skill. When a man can hire another man to do his work then a part of him suffers. It is the same with those who follow virtue, those who bend at the knee crying to ankhs and priests for spiritual guidance, they suffer because they do not create the answers themselves.

Though nature has granted our race the right and capability to rule all we survey we are too focussed on our claims and dominions to understand why it is we humans occupy the highest step on the racial scale. The fundamental truth is that in order to know ourselves we must realize nothing is forbidden to us. 

Some will say to you that adherence to external law, that the maintenance of order, that knowing one’s place in the grand scheme of things and keeping to it is the highest of all roads a man can walk. This is a vile and soul killing lie. A deception introduced by the elves to pacify humanity and turn us into slaves, slaves venerating the status quo which often places elves in leadership roles.

In these times the lure of elfdom is so entrenched that some humans have taken the quest to become elves themselves, by forsaking their human heritage and following a false notion of destiny they bind their hearts to an inferior form they may never understand because it is not theirs by nature. No longer do their parents even recognize them, no longer do they recognize themselves. A human turned elf is a prisoner of poor decisions, a pawn in the elven plot to subjugate the human heart. How can you know yourself if you are no longer yourself?

As a human you are free, you were not born to be the slave of elf or man. No elf, not even another human,  has the right to command you but you. No one in this world has the right to enslave you or bind your soul. Cast off the shackles that keep you confined, drop the chains of ignorance and the trappings of traditions and do what you want to do. Know yourself to be a hunter, a lion among animals. Respect your fellow man for they are as you are but look upon others as cattle. This world belongs to you and its fruits are yours to claim, to satisfy your needs and desires. There is no sin you cannot commit unless it is against a fellow human, all things the law would say you can not do are yours by right to practice against inferior races. Let only the natural laws that hold this universe together be your limits.  Reach out and take your existence into your own hands and when you’ve tried it all and indulged in each excess you shall understand yourself like never before.
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