The Rise of Yew?
Stirring from a long absence the Queen of Yew arrived at the Loyalist meeting a few weeks back demanding the return of a prisoner. Lia L, the Regent of Britain, was struck hard by the harsh tone of Lilyth’s voice as the queen made demands. Only days before this incident the Regent released a prisoner refereed to as ‘The Eye of Oggaroth’ from Yew prison. The leadership of Yew took this act to be contrary to the best interests of Yew and a violation of Yew’s sovereignty.

To make matters worse the Regent explained that no one has a clue as to where the prisoner is now. Lord Sid and the noble Thrax took the side of their queen and agreed with Lilyth that the Regency should tread carefully. “I will give you one week to return my prisoner” Lilyth stated before leaving the chamber of loyalty. Upon her departure Lord Sid added Yew will be back for the next meeting.
Lilyth Noir, the Nun-Queen of Yew
As the days progressed Ceinwyn of Umbra sent in a notice to the Regent that the prisoner had been granted asylum in Umbra. This letter was forwarded to Yew in order to deflect Lilyth’s wrath from the Regency on to Umbra. Needless to say when the next Loyalist meeting came around the three factions were present. Lilyth had already made private threats to Umbra and vowed to kill one necromancer for every day the prisoner was not returned. The Regency stood idly by as Umbra agreed to hand the prisoner over to Yew thereby ending the crisis. Fallout from this caused Sid to be removed as General.

The fact that the Regency caved in and bowed to the demands of Yew suggests that the tide of power in trammel may be shifting in favour of the northern nation. Combine this with Sid’s removal and one may be lead to believe that there is conflict ahead for Yew and the Regency.
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