Playing the Card Game: Example 2
Athlon and Auris are playing a game of Atlantic Cards. Athlon is playing the Regency while Auris is playing a combination of Yew and Magincia cards out of the Yew stronghold. It is about mid game and Auris has all four of his provinces while Athlon has three. To make matters worse Auris just declared an attack against Athlon.

Because Auris has no cavalry personalities he must send his units on the infantry phase. Auris announces that he will send in all his personalities to attack and assigns Sid, Aya and Lilyth Noir to attack the province that holds Ramses. “Revenge for Dad!” he shouts as he lines up his attacking army.

Since the Regency stronghold gives Athlon’s provinces 5 province strength Athlon announces that he will defend with Wicked Rose and Ellesbeth and keep Porthos out of the fight since Porthos is bowed and wont be able to defend. Since the defender always goes first Athlon evaluates his fate cards to see what action he will play first.
Athlon has two Twin Tactics, a Grudge Match dueling card, Assassins and A Child Held Ransom in his hand. He realizes that since Assassins and A Child Held Ransom can only be played during the Limited phase they will be no use in battle. Athlon opts to use one of his Twin Tactics and gives Wicked Rose and Ellesbeth +2 defence. Now Wicked Rose has 5 defence and Ellesbeth has 7 for a total of 12. It’s Auris’ turn to go next.
In his hand Auris knows he has:
Anything for You, Winning the Patrona’s Favour, One Heart, Black Mirror of Steel, and two Rumours. He knows that he wont be able to use any cards for battle actions unless he gets dueled so Auris will use Sid’s built in tactician action. Auris discards Winning the Patrona’s Favour and gives Sid 3 extra attack since the focus value of the discarded card is three (Focus values are bottom most number on a fate card). Now Auris has 3 attack for Aya, 8 for Sid and 4 for Lilyth for a total of 15.

Athlon now gets to go. Athlon decides to use his dueling card. He takes out Grudge Match and targets Ellesbeth to duel Lilyth Noir. Auris plays his Anything for You for its reaction and choses Sid to take the duel instead. Since Ellesbeth is in the defending army she uses her defence of 7 while Sid since he is attacking uses his attack of 8 (5+3 for tactician). Since Auris was dueled Auris focuses Rumours face down for a value of 2, Athlon focuses Assassin! face down for a value of 4. Auris focuses another Rumours and Athlon focuses Child Held Ransom. Auris calls strike and the focus values are revealed. Auris counts his first: He focused 2 and 2 and since Sid's attack is 8 Auris has a total of 12. Athlon grins and shows his 4 and 3 focus values and since Ellesbeth's defence is seven Athlon has a total of 14. Athlon wins the duel. Athlon reads the losing condition on the card and tells his brother that "Sid has to go home now that he lost and I get 5 honour" Auris grins and tells Athlon that Sid cant be moved out of combat by other player's actions. Sid remains in battle and Auris is still winning 15 to 12.
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