Humanis Voice monthly
Times of Trouble Issue
Humanis struggles through this great time of trouble for Magincia and Sosaria as a whole. With the recent reawakening of various evil forces in Malas and Trammel we are made to understand that our struggle is far from over. There is much to be done and even more to be overcome.

This issue deals with pressing concerns that should not be overlooked. It is our wish to share the truth and council our Human brothers through these times of trouble.
Dangers in Magincia                  pg 2

Mark's Speech                          pg3

Dangerous Partners (Arlin and Arcana)                                    pg4

The Regency                            pg5

Roles in the Regency                 pg6

Humanis Poster                         pg7

Khay'Thall's Recorded Sayings   pg8

The Orcs                                 pg9

Order of the Ebon Skull            pg10

'The Heresy' Interesting Reading

Past Issue                               pg12

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^ Blood marking the side of a home in order to ward off evil representing the superstitious nature of a handful of Magincian citizens.
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