Khay'Thall's Deathbed Advice
Words recorded as Khay'Thall lies waiting for death at Magincia's Healer
The following is a list of advice given by Khay’Thall the legendary writer of the Manifesto of the Human nation today known as the Humanis Manifesto. They were recorded within the past few days between Khay’Thall’s fits of coughing by diligent scribes so that they will remain Humanis treasures long after Khay’Thall passes on.
Words to Mark: is true that one man may fail. Failure can not be avoided by humans as we are individuals...however, as a race we can not fail. Humanity as a whole is driven, there is a cosmic force which pushes us forward towards a destiny none can fathom.
Words to the Lovers:
Find happiness in each other. The love between two humans is the most pure force. Gain strength from the bond you share for from you shall spring our future
General Advice:
Never commit yourselves to a useless endeavour. Energy spent on a futile mission could better be directed elsewhere.
Always look for alternatives and take the most direct path.
Inform, teach, but do not force our beliefs on others. We need loyalty not lip service
Let each human interpret his or her greatness on their own. Each will come to the same conclusion ‘I am better than they are’ and that is what we have always preached
Do not trust an elf, do not make friends with them, do not shake their hands or breathe in their breath for each of these acts will make you unpure.
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