The two Yews
Having long been a menace to Sosaria the Orcs plan raids and attacks upon virtuous people from their lair in Yew under the Felucca moon.  Yew is isolated and produces little culture, many refer to it as the ‘sticks’ of Sosaria, a comment which implies how simple people live in that north western community on the Trammel side. The Felucca side remains just as oppressed now as it has been for the past few years and as the people of Yew under the Trammel moon go about their simple lives their brothers in the home they abandoned cry out each time the orcish whip is brought down to sting their backs.

Something must be done in Yew, Humanity remains oppressed and indifferent all at once. Are the people there so divided that they can not take back their ancestral homes? Do they not yearn to celebrate glorious victory under the dark moon of Felucca?
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