Rise of Cult Worship
The Return of the Order of the Ebon Skull
Though thought to have been destroyed with the fall of Caina the worship of Oblivion and the dark forces of entropy have continued to this day. The followers of this dark religion believe that by destroying lives and taking souls they can ascend into a more powerful form of existence. By giving themselves up to daemons and malevolent spirits they acquire temporal power but in the process they lose their souls becoming lesser versions of the race that spawned them. They perform wicked deeds on children and twist the young into servitude.

Sin and blasphemy, heresy and injustice follow in the wake of the Order of the Ebon Skullís return. Secreted away in the city of Umbra they plot the unmaking of life. Thankfully their evil is contained in Malas where they can spread havoc and form cracks in the fragile empire of Sanctus. Should they move to Trammel Mother would crush them to dust with Humanis as her hammer.
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