Mark's Speech
Humanity... What is it that makes us what we are? Can anyone truly answer that question? Does it matter really? There is no one thing or way that makes Humanity what it is. Humanity is not perfect. Nothing can claim perfection. To do so is only a show of ego. Humanity, however, is striving.Striving to reach its' maximum potential. Everyday in the city of Magincia, I see people helping each other. Humans helping humans. They function as a family. Each one as needed as the next. None greater than the other. That is Humanity at its finest. Perfection, as unobtainable as it may be, can be seen in small doses in Magincia. Because of this, I am proud. I am proud to say I was alive during the time when Humanity finally stood up for itself.

The future... Every day I watch my son grow. He is a symbol of the future. An untapped potential, that with our help, could be everything that we wish for today. This excites me, folks. It excites me beyond belief. The work is long from over. Many things loom ahead that pose a threat to the future. The future of Humanity. The Skull has been found. I would not believe this had I not heard it with my own ears. Oblivion alone is a grave threat to the future. To our children. In Yew, the Orcs grow stronger by the day. This means war on the horizon. The Orcs will not sit idle for long. Their thirst for blood will become to great. Wave after wave they will send. Not stopping until their numbers are no more or their enemy is dead on the battle field. They are to be feared. Not for what they can do to us today, but for the damage they can have on the future generations. Do not take them lightly. Many have done so and fell victim to their power. Let us not make that same mistake. Molly and Martin Willow plot against us from behind closed doors. They are not only plotting against Humanity, but our history as well. They could not force their own plans onto the Regency, so they will try to eliminate history. Any day now the banners of war could be raised against Humanity from Malas. They will march on not only Humanity, but... On Lord British and the Virtues! The supposed followers of virtue... Marching against that which they believe...a sad day that will be. This is what we have to deal with. Our work is cut out for us clearly. It will not be easy. It will be painful for all, but it is needed for the future. If we unite as one, we will win! We are the chosen ones! Let us start living as so. Not just for us, but for the children... the future... Humanity.
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