Corruption of Arcana
-An article by an unknown sender
Another pure human has fallen to the corruption of lesser races. Arcana, once a noble woman striving for honor within the realm, has been tainted by the vile half-ogre Arlin. She has been seen carousing with this half-breed vermin for several weeks now, and their behavior can only be described as disgusting. The infamous, and usually harmless wenching that this vile half-ogre had in the past often been seen participating in has now claimed one of humanities most virtuous women.

This writer can only say that he is disgusted with the way Arcana has displayed herself, as nothing more than a trophy to this lecherous half-breed. She has sullied her once good name, and tarnished her honor by even associating herself with this vermin. I ask what should happen if these two were to procreate and further the tainted lineage of Arlin.

This half-ogre seems to attract scum and vagrants to whatever cause he chooses to champion, and his Army of the Frontier has become an ever growing threat to human unity. We have all seen, in the past, what he was capable of with just a handful of mercenaries. Therefore, as Arcana’s mind has been tainted by Arlin’s evil it is only evident that the Knights of Sosaria will become the Half-Ogre’s tool used for future conquests.
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