The Regency
Out With The Old And In With The New
This paper has done much to criticize the Regency throughout its great decline. Over the past year the respectability of this organization has been shaken by ineffective Loyalists and lack of active participation in world events. The Regency has always been a reactive body never really taking the initiative opting instead to defend its lands and watch for evil to strike first. This has led to the decline we see now as Loyalist member guilds do nothing but come to the meetings. There are some loyalist guilds with but one or two active agents that have a strong voice in the council and although one human is the same as another it is a false notion to allow a single man or woman with no followers a vote on pressing matters.

Concerns like this as well as the ever corruptive vote alliances within the Regency ( secretive agreements between loyalists against other Loyalists) have forced Rufus to take the necessary step. At the last Regency meeting held on the sixth of this month Lord Rufus Oryan  declared that all Loyalists were dismissed. This will be a new start Rufus had said and when the move was questioned by Red Wind (who questions every sentence of every statement) Rufus made it clear that he is in charge. A vote was taken and all at the table with the exception of two belonging to ineffective orders voted for the end of the Old Regency and the creation of a New Regency, giving Rufus all he needed to create something that will outshine the previous incarnation of Sosaria’s most virtuous alliance.

All look with hope to Tuesday  as the day the Regency receives the breath of life from its most effective Regent.
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