The Faces of the Old Regency
Though many positions remained unfilled the following is a list of those who held respectable titles in the Old Regency from most to least important with the exception of the last two titles which are at the same level. It is unknown if the ranks and titles will remain when the Regency reincarnates itself this coming week but what is expected is that one or more of the following competent ministers will remain in place.
Lord Rufus Oryan
Position: Lord Regent and Justicar of Britannia

Learned philosopher and student of Huma Dragonbane Rufus recently returned from his absence to recreate the Regency for the betterment of all Sosarians.
Lady LaBelle
Position: Chamberlain

Perhaps the most prominent female paladin in Sosaria, Lady LaBelle runs meetings and acts as the Regentís voice when he is away. Combining both virtue and common sense in her decisions LaBelle holds the respect of all.
Lia L
Position: Chairperson

Leader of the Guardians of Vesper Lia L is an elf that unfortunately holds a high position in the Parliament. Because she exhibits leadership ability she remains an asset to the Regency.
Position: General

Walter has overseen the makeshift army of the Regency during its time of decline. He had removed himself from the Guardians of Britain but continued to hold the title of General as he could be trusted to not abuse the Regentís trust.
Lily Prower
Position: Events Coordinator

Friendly and energetic Lily is an active member of the Guardians of Sosaria. Her ability to decorate and carry out spectacles has led to her recent appointment as the Regencyís Event Moderator.
Position: Ambassador

The recently appointed ambassador dabbles with political systems to bring allies to the Regency and isolate enemies from potential hostiles. As an active agent of the Hand of Humanis Iskís methods and ideologies sometimes clash with those of other Regency members.
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