Trouble in Magincia
All mourn the terrible loss of life in Sosariaís most cultured city
At what seems to be the true year anniversary of the last Magincian plague a much different ailment has effected all of our glorious island. Strange purple flowers have appeared throughout the island. From what began as a handful of flowers has spread into literally a field of purple over the islandís grass area. At first most thought nothing of this until people started to get sick with coughing.

This malady affected the children first as well as the senior citizens of the island causing many casualties within the first month. By close to the third day of the plantís discovery the island had been cut off to all travel and a strong investigation was begun. All seemed to be running well as the citizens were given safety instructions and told to stay away from the plants
decreasing the number of afflicted victims drastically. When KhayíThall became sick Alizia, Angelique and the now defected Draven were already searching for cures and answers. Drake's school remains closed as all children remain at high risk of getting sick.

uring the last Regency meeting the issue of the sickness was brought up and Humanis continues to look for information as to who planted the flower and how it could be removed. Those who caused Magincia her problems have much to fear.
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