Humanis Voice Monthly
Humanis Future Issue
News From Magincia             pg2

Trust                                    pg3

Tarot Reading for Humanis     pg4

Tarot Reading Explanation      pg5

Decline of Morality                pg6

Humanis Poster                     pg7

Stonegate War Books             pg8

Vampires                              pg9

A Chance for Humility?         pg10

World News                        pg11

Shagrath Caught                  pg12

Humanis Contest!!!             pg13

Past Issue                           pg14

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For the past two months the Hand of Humanis has grown distant and detached. Though the Hand continues to be united and the goals and ambition of Humanis remain unchanged much of the drive has disappeared. A handful of Humanis operatives have remained active over the months and some such as Drake have held classes on explaining the Humanis ways to possible converts. The Hand of Humanis is at a low point from which the only momentum is up.
The circle of life and death indicating that what falls eventually spins back to the top.
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