-Mark Randerstill
Trust. Is there anything more that the people of Magincia rely on than trust? They trust the Cause to support and provide for them everyday. To guard them, provide them with trade, with safety, with jobs. Trust keeps Magincia running. Without it, are we not any different than the Orcs? The Elves? If you cannot trust your leader, than why does he possess the position he does?

Reliability. It goes with trust. If you can neither trust nor rely on someone, then are they worth what they bring? Let us use Mario, the baker, as an example. The entire population of Magincia relies on Mario to prepare the bread each morning. Likewise, Mario relies on his assistants, Asera as an example, to provide him the help he needs to prepare the bread in the mornings. Deeper than that are the sailors who bring the flour to the docks by ship so that Mario can prepare the dough each night. We all rely on each other to keep the city running.

If we cannot trust and rely on each other, then we are doomed to repeat what others before us have already suffered. Let us not fall into a trap of unreliability and lying that will sink us like many a ship has sunk in the mighty sea. Honesty is what we need. Secrets and lies only keep to bring us at odds against each other.

I sit here and call out a plea to each and every one of you out there. Be honest and reliable to your fellow man. Without both of those, we are a failure.
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