A Chance for Humility?
The constant stream of unfortunate and catastrophic events which have poured down on Magincia over the past years has caused some to believe that excessive Pride has gotten in the way of caution. Pride in Humanity and Magincia’s accomplishments could not have been at a higher point months ago when we liberated Minoc in Trammel, we could not have been more pleased with ourselves when the Regency overcame its stubbornness and accepted the Humanis followers among its loyalists, and our hearts could not have beaten faster when through our planning the impure left the
loyalist ranks... but now...

What rises must fall and the Hand of Humanis teeters. Though far from falling apart there is an element in Magincia which desires experimentation with the virtue that has for long been separate from the island: Humility.

One young man was selected to leave the island of Magincia, shedding his rich attire he took up the very symbol of humility itself, a crook, to search for those with virtue in their hearts. To search for their blessing. Though his journey was meant to be long we have not heard word of his progress, nor do we know if he even lives... but his mission is pivotal for all of us.

Septis Comnenus, you must return to us...
A picture of Septis Comnenus before he took up the Crook and the search for Humility
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