World News
A collection of events outside of Magincia’s sphere of influence in no particular order:
Regency News:
The Regency continues to be the driving force with regards to returning the non-human Oracle, Azrielle, to her former self. Already a handful of envoys have managed to speak to the former Oracle unearthing useful information that gets filtered down to the Regent’s allies. While the rest of Sosaria seems content to wallow in unorganized battles and decadence the Regency has become progressive and innovative mixing diplomacy, virtue and persistence to achieve its primary goal: restoring the Oracle.
^ The Regency watches over all of Sosaria
Yew, Minoc, Vesper?
In the past two months the bulk of Sosaria’s derangement manifested in Yew. Arlin’s fanatical army knowing nothing but violence and lacking all social graces stumbled into Yew as occupiers. Though the Hand of Humanis remained far from the conflict there were many that hoped the situation would get worse, there is nothing more joyous than watching non-humans destroy each other.
Recent reflection on the state of the main continent and the politics going on north of Trinsic has had some believing that Arlin will blend Yew with his allies in Minoc, and Vesper thereby making a northern empire which would stretch from coast to coast. This is unsettling news indeed.
^ A possible future
Church or Cult of the Virtues?
The self proclaimed Church of the Virtues which holds its prayer sessions on Mondays has for the past month gathered tremendous respect. Regular attendants to the church are members in town councils, the Regency as well as independent circles making this organization an influential entity. However, the near spontaneous appearance and wide acceptance of this organization combined with its positive views on non-humans makes the church incompatible and vulgar to truly righteous humans, such as those found in the Hand of Humanis.
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