Hand of Humanis Tarot Reading
    Explanation of the Spread
1. Past Influences: Upright Six of Wands
The Six of Wands signifies triumph over an adversary, joyful celebration and victory in general as symbolized by the wreath worn by the figure. This represents the victory of the Hand of Humanis over the Drow, its acceptance into the Regency, successful elections in Magincia or the very creation of the Hand of Humanis by Artero Kingston from the original Humanis concept preached by Khay’Thall and Isk.

2. Present Conditions: Reversed four of Swords
Nervous exhaustion is the prime meaning of the four of swords. Having been active within the world for most of the year the Hand of Humanis has entered a time of rest. The card further symbolizes a sickness which could be linked to the recent plague in Magincia. The final meaning is one of limitations, orders and individuals from both outside and inside of the guild are placing up blockades to prevent momentum.

3. What is Hidden: Reversed Knight of Swords

The knight of swords is deceitful, misleading and treacherous. This symbolizes someone that is purposefully causing grief and adopts a belligerent attitude by picking fights to confuse. Needless to say this secret adversary is not to be trusted with secrets and could very well represent someone within or outside of the guild.

4. Obstacles and Challenges: Reversed Strength
Fear of Failure is represented by Strength when it is reversed. Afraid that the next endeavour will not gain as much glory or reputation as past triumphs the Hand of Humanis remains inactive and passive. This card tells us that we can overcome fear and even if the situation is hard it is only temporary.

5. What Surrounds Us: Upright Seven of Cups
The boundaries between what is tangible and illusion are blurred around Magincia and the Hand of Humanis. The world is being pulled by enchantments that appear healthy even if they are poison. Any attempt to make a firm move has a strong chance of being thwarted, energy is flowing in all directions and if we try to keep up with it we may exhaust ourselves.

6. What Should Be Done: Death
An intense changing effect like we have never before experienced is the solution to strengthening the guild. This card signifies the ending of a long term idea or relationship. The time has come for something new! The same old events and actions will no longer refresh the guild.  It may be difficult to take constructive action for a time as the world holds its breath wondering what will happen to the Hand of Humanis through the time of change. Thought the guild will appear like it may die it will instead rise refreshed like the phoenix shown on the Death card.

7. Probable Result: Upright Ace of Cups

Upright the Ace of Cups signifies creative renewal. An omen of creativity the Ace of Cups further symbolizes dreams come true, art, emotional fulfilment and fertility as outsiders join the ranks of the Hand of Humanis family.
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