Sosaria's Moral Decline
Never has there been such a horrible lack of manners in the realm. No matter where one goes in these modern times one encounters a great barrier of hostility and bad will. Negativity holds no place among humans, though we may disagree it is heart breaking to see two humans argue. And we humans have begun to argue amongst each other to such a degree that we make enemies out of former friends. It is right to look down and correct the lesser races for they are weak and know nothing of civility but we should not ourselves become barbarians by berating each other.

As humans we are all equal and deserving of common courtesy.
Why don’t we all follow the perfect examples set down by Lord British and Khay’Thall? Both men knew the meaning of brotherhood, respect and virtue.
The spread of hostility can not be attributed to humanity even if it infects us to such a great degree. Like many other problems we humans face this infection of negativity comes from unlawful and excessive relations with non-humans such as drow, orcs and the undead. Though it has been proven by Humanis researchers that all minor races are morally lacking the above three races have shown a great deal of aggression and bring sin with them where ever they go.
Young children and even some adults who see the behaviour of orcs, drow and the undead can develop behaviour traits similar to them if it appears that the negative acts committed by the non-human perpetrators are not punished.
Why was there such a magnitude of hate located in Yew? The answer lies in the introduction of a hostile non-human run guild into the territory as well as the orc presence there.
Why is the Regency lacking in a common goal? Outsider influences such as those coming from the tainted pseudo-human Tarothin keep divisions and tempers flaring.

Remember compassion!
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