Cure for Magincia
The sickness which spread through the mysterious purple plants has been whipped out from the island of Magincia by the clever work of some of Hand of Humanisí members. Exhaustive research by Alizia Randerstill and Angelique combined with the resilience and dedication shown by most of Humanis have payed off. Even though the cost in human lives was staggering, even though the author of the Humanis Manifesto was taken by the sickness and died in the healerís sickbed the Hand of Humanis remains.
On the last day of the sickness cloth which had been drenched in a strong plant poison had been spread about the city. Where a purple flower was seen the five assembled Hand of Humanis members covered it with the cloth thereby killing the flower and preventing it from spreading its poisonous pollen. Those involved in the hours long process of covering the city were Alizia, Angelique, Asera, Drake, and Isk.

Now that the city has been cured for well over a two months the Hand of Humanis searches for those that could have been responsible for the plant sickness.

If you or any of your friends have information regarding the Purple Flower Sickness, please contact a Hand of Humanis representative or this paper with your information.

Information leading to an arrest will be rewarded!
Isk and Angelique were just two of five that spent hours covering the sickness causing plants with a special poison coated cloth.
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