Vampire Theory
The subject of Vampires has always troubled Sosarians. Though some refuse to believe that such creatures exist there is plenty of evidence in support of the fact that vampires are among us!

Some with flawed logic may believe that Vampires are a form of ‘higher’ life, taking into account survival of the fittest one might say that because Vampires pray on the living  they are above us on Sosaria’s ‘Food Chain’. This paper is meant to negate that troubling concept of Vampires in an enlightened manner.

Each individual that walks on the land we call Sosaria has a certain amount of energy he or she can put into tasks. Because all humans are equal they all have the same potential to achieve, the body can be shaped and the mind can be filled so long as the human keeps his soul. Thus in the society which the Philosophe will bring to us each human will do equal work and benefit as his brothers benefit.
But what of Vampires?

It has been established that Vampires require blood to survive. Each night the body of a vampire loses its potency until the creature feeds again. This flaw makes the Vampire a hungry creature who’s mind is preoccupied with feeding rather than work.
Introducing a Vampire into a human society thus takes away from the overall productivity of the society.
Because blood loss causes the human body to grow weaker the introduction of a Vampire into a human society can be summed up with the following formula:  Society + Vampire = Energy Loss

Therefore Vampires integrated into a society not only lower the society’s purity but its overall production of goods and services.
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