Matching Game!
Mark Randerstill
Drake Wyntermore Son Gohan
Asera Pamelare
Alizia Everblue
Artius Winsdom
Nothus Victor
Rashid Dryagon
Think You Know The Hand of Humanis?!

How to play: Match one face to one fact until you think you have them all and send your answers to The Humanis Voice. Please send in the answers by listing the name of the Hand of Humanis member and the number which coincides with him/her. For example Artius =6. YOU MUST MATCH ALL FACTS TO FACES.

Match the above faces to these facts for your chance to win great prizes:

1. This Hand of Humanis member is a Teacher in Magincia.

2. He is responsible for law and justice in Magincia.

3. This tamer who recently published a guide to taming is known to use ostards in battle

4. He was formerly a lieutenant in the Moonglow Town Council from where he started the Humanis Voice.

5. This gypsy runs the ‘Gypsy’s Crossroads of Life’ and is known for her colorful clothes

6. Currently the Lord of Magincia he has replaced Hector.

7. As the leader of the Hand of Humanis he manages the guild and delegates tasks to set plans in motion.

8. Similar to a general this individual has years of military experience and at times has managed the guild in the absence of the leader.

9. She is an accomplished healer and the former wife of Charles Everblue

10. This individual has formed a strong bond with Drake and works in Magincia’s bakery.

11. Former Templar he has settled down in Magincia and most recently joined the Hand of Humanis

12. This Purist was formerly Isk’s student, he was among the few present at Khay’Thall’s deathbed.

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