Humanis Voice
The History of Humanis                pg2

History of Humanis pt2                 pg3

Magincian Bagball Victory             pg4

The Keepers of Virtue                   pg5

Humanis Leaves the Regency        pg6

High Praise from Magincia            pg7

Humanis Poster                            pg8

The Church of the Virtues is Dead pg9

Humanis Contest                        pg10

Co-Prosperity Sphere                  pg11

News from the Realm                 pg12

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Welcome back,  Human friends...
With great apologies to our loyal subscribers and casual readers we resume our monthly Humanis news paper "The Humanis Voice". No excuses will be made as to why the Humanis Voice has been out of circulation for the past four months, however we promise that you will find this paper enjoyable and well worth the read.
Read it twice and share it with a friend, the Humanis Voice is Sosaria’s premium newspaper meant for Human eyes...
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