The Fall of the Church of Virtue
Magincians Rejoice

The Church of Virtue had for a long while been the only organized faction to preach Virtue in the realm. Taking on the role of the long deceased Heralds of the Awakening the Church organized itself along the lines of sages. Individuals were chosen to act as exemplars in virtue but many of those chosen were of non-human stock. Thus the Church caused itself to fail by relying on the non-humans. No human would dare to listen to the preachings of a non-human due to the fact that the non-humans are so alien to us. The religion of the virtues was created and finalized by humans. The strange appearance and their foreign languages of the non-humans make us single them out as being ‘other’ to us. Thus how can a non-human with little in common with us be able to teach us our own unique faith?!

How can we get past the ears, the nose, the eyes? The non-humans can speak our language but they can not share our faith!

And what of the virtues themselves? What right do we have to preach them to others? Lord British did not spout prayers or sermons on what Virtue is. He stated that Virtue is infinite. Infinite. The infinite can not be grasped by anyone. Thus how can we claim to have a grasp on Virtue? How could the Church have claimed to know and understand Virtue? It was false from the start, false from its corrupt foundations. The Church of the Virtues was an instrument of the glutenous pig Bartholomew who dug his snout into the collection bin and bought many fancy things with the gold of suckers.

There is no need for another church of Virtue. Let Spirituality flourish as other faiths and let us stop trying to comprehend the Virtues. The path to Virtue is one walked alone, as an individual. Only the human self can find his or her way on that path and external Churchly guidance only makes one walk in circles.
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