Moving Towards Co-Prosperity
The Hand of Humanis has recently created strong alliances and friendships with various cities in Sosaria and the attached realms. As talk of trade continues with Lord Kotare and Shogun Tai the creation of a co-prosperity sphere is no longer a Humanis fancy.

It has been stated by us many times in the past that a trade system involving all cities where equal amounts of goods are freely passed from one place to another would relieve poverty and famine in the realm. There is no reason why human children should starve while aristocrats live a life of excess.

Free and untaxed trade is not the be all of the Co-Prosperity theory. Once the goods are traded they would be evenly distributed to the citizens of those cities on a monthly basis. The result of this would be that each citizen would have goods and materials from each city at the end of the month for free. The clear purpose would be to eliminate the need for money. If everyone is given an equal share of goods the class system Humanity still clings to would be abolished and a single class would be born. Thus the Co-Prosperity sphere is the means by which humanity becomes truly equal. Kings, barons, masters and nobles would eventually disappear effectively creating a harmonious society based on true equality among humans.
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