Humanis Bagball Victory
The Hand of Humanis challenged the Luna Council to a game of Bagball three months ago. Having accepted the challenge Luna declared that the game would be played at the end of their upcoming festival. The Festival came and went and all shook in anticipation of the great game. Many had not seen a game of Bagball for many months so the expectations were high on this game.

Team Magincia: Mortemer, Adin Blackwind, Stephen, Florance Gipping, Isk
Starting line: Adin, Florance, Isk

Team Luna: Ivy, Molly, Yew, Vaen Swiftar
Starting line: Ivy, Molly, Yew
A picture of the opposing goal line before the game.
The game began with a predictable Humanis lead. Adin scored the first two points for Humanis after which Isk scored followed by Florance. Luna then made a point as Yew tossed the log heavy bag into the goal. The next point was scored by Magincia effectively winning the first set of three.

The second set started with Yew scoring the first goal for Luna followed by one by Vaen. The next two points were also scored by Luna. The ball started to move eradicably and it was believed that a stealther was manipulating the ball in favour of Luna. Tai, the referee called for the intervention of the gods and the griefer was removed. The game resumed and Magincia scored three points in a row. Finally Yew scored the set winning goal for Luna.

The last set resulted in a sweep for Humanis after Stephen was substituted in for Mortemer. Humanis scored five in a row to prove its superiority in the game of Bagball.
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