Humanis Departs From  The Regency
Since Iskís failure to secure enough votes to become Regent the Regency has turned by a considerable degree away from a human majority. Most of the representatives now comprise of elf blooded creatures. The fact that the wife of the Regent, Ivae, is non-human further complicated matters as she was not as complacent as Sarah was under Rufus. Thus the stage was set for an internal conflict many months ago. However it was the work of Nazralte that clinched the fate of Humanis.

Nazralte called together a secret meeting between Loyalists, excluding Humanis representatives. At this meeting the Regent attempted to sway the others into voting to expel Humanis from the Regency. The manoeuver failed as many did not desire for Humanis to leave. Spies which observed the meeting recall that a debate began about the issue and LaBelle voiced that Isk, the Magnate of Magincia who had said Ďmeaní things at the meetings should be removed and replaced by another Humanis representative. In response to this Isk turned his back on the Regency and sent who ever wished to go to the meetings there to make the loyalists regret their decision.

After having backstage talks with Tai the Hand of Humanis let it be known to its Oriental ally that it would be pulling out of the Regency. Tai who realized the ill treatment Isk had received likewise swore that he would be pulling out. Thus on the last Tuesday of April Taiís army withdrew from the Regency citing the treatment Isk received as a reason. Following this Adin pulled out of the Regency on behalf of Humanis.

The fate of the Regency remains unknown though there are many in Humanis that wish for it to continue...
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