Bagball enters the Magincian consciousness and “The Magincia Vision” bagball team is born. Son Gohan leads the team to continuous and often flawless victories over all competition. The Bagball League implodes on itself having run for two months. Suspicion indicates that no team was strong enough to stand up to the “Magincia Vision.”

Elements of Humanis help in the defence of Serpent’s Hold. H-H starts to get friendly with the Regency. Mark befriends Rufus but Rufus fails to hold on to the position of Regent. Lilyth is elected Regent and after political moves blessed by Mark Humanis has its past deeds cleared by the female Regent. Elf is outraged about the past of H-H being cleared.  The move ostracizes ELF and elf quits the Regency. Humanis remains secure in Magincia and gets involved in minor plots.

Humanis overcomes a plot involving the elves and Molly to cause a revolt in Magincia. Mark keeps aggression away from the mind set of Humanis members and slowly the guild becomes more political. Hector wins another election with a 100% vote. The voting system is abolished as the city loves the Humanis party too much. Hector becomes Lord of Magincia. Son Gohan becomes the general of H-H. News that Minoc is occupied by Drow reaches Magincia. Lylith removes herself from the Regency and Rufus is voted in much to the enjoyment of Humanis. Humanis removes the Drow from Minoc effectively liberating the city after a short Drow occupation and hands the city of Minoc over to the Regency.

After months of lobbying the Hand of Humanis squeezes itself into the Regency effectively causing three guilds to quit. The Regency is now comprised of a Human majority. A strange new plague hits Magincia involving plants. A cure is found too late as Khay’Thall dies. Angelique, Asera, Drake, Alizia and Isk spend many hours smothering the poison plants with a specially made cure. Mark Randerstill dies of an unexplained sickness causing a month long period of mourning. Mark Randerstill is turned into a Humanis saint.

Son Gohan and Drake take over the administration of the Hand of Humanis. They stabilise the guild. Tavern night becomes standardized and the guild often meets to converse about the realm. Gohan disappears for days on end. Trouble starts as the Regency starts to investigate Humanis. Gohan resigns and disappears from the realm along with Drake. There is a period of confusion and wonder about the Hand of Humanis. While some think the guild to be dissolving it is saved at the last moment by Isk and Cuthbert.

Isk and Cuthbert are left with the running of the guild. There is little conflict in the realm and the stability brought about by Gohan and Drake makes for an easy transition for Isk and Cuthbert. However, H-H is weakened due to lack of military might causing the Hand of Humanis to look for competent allies. Magincia forges trade ties with Yew and becomes friendly with Kotare’s Blackwind Knights. Magincia acquires an elevated respect for Yew. Zento becomes a friend of Magincia due to shared values and mutual respect between the leadership of both cities. Magincia sends out great gifts to its friends to solidify support from various elements in the realm. Isk begins to verbalize his distaste for the elves on the Regency council and abroad. Isk is pulled from the Regency, Humanis leaves the Regency.

The Future is unwritten...
Son Gohan Military Leader of the Hand of Humanis after the passing of Mark
Drake Wyntermore Co-Guild Leader with Gohan upon the passing of Mark
Isk Current leader
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Cuthbert Most trusted advisor and co-leader with Isk.