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The Cities Issue
The Regency                              pg2

New Magincia Code                    pg3

Pressing the Minoc Issue             pg4

Personifications of Sosaria           pg5

Personifications of Sosaria           pg6

Personifications of Sosaria           pg7

Magincia-Cove Dual Axis             pg8

Humanis Poster                          pg9

Magincia's Best Sellers               pg10

News Bits                                pg11

Past Issue                                pg12

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With the forces of ELF on the verge of death some of the pointy eared sinners have filtered into more secure organizations such as the order of Sanctus. It is true that the queen herself has abandoned her role as leader leaving a house which teeters on the verge of collapse. Humanis scholars come to believe that should Talon and Isilmea join in marriage Sanctus would topple within the year.
A Humanis rendition of Isilmea as the face of death
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