**Cove - Magincina Agreement**

On the 20th of February after much negotiation Humanis and House Telver have come to terms concerning the possibility of an alliance between the two orders. It has been agreed that in order to facilitate the common good both sides must work together so that a better dawn shines its light upon a united people of Sosaria.

Though the contents of the agreement shall not be made public at this time it is important to stress that House Telver and its ruled lands shall remain independent in the way they are governed from the neighbouring Magincia Island thus holding their own laws and system of leadership.

Humanis extends its warmest wishes to our newest ally and hopes that House Telver can integrate its customs and beliefs in a positive way upon the soil which it has been granted by the Regency. A gift which may have been the last Rufus made and one that thus deserves to be honoured without dispute.
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