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Fragments of Humanis and worldly news
Article 1
Growth of Humanis

Humanis has grown larger than ever before. Slowly from the day of founding the Hand of Humanis the people of Magincia have become influential in the world and see only great times ahead. Having woven political ties to many organizations it is quickly becoming apparent to all that Humanis is an undying factor of stability which will only continue to progress Gods willing.
We are slowly moving along the path to the ultimate goal of Human unity.
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A stylized rendition of two Humanis soldiers prepared to fight for the cause of human virtue
Article 2
Silent Poet Found!

After an exhaustive search Silent Poet has been found in the earliest days of February. With the partial help of Angelique and Isk the Brotherhood of the Hand as well as allies of the drunkard Poet managed to bring him back to the spotlight after days of searching.
Article 3
New Lord of Magincia
Artius has been sworn in as the new Lord of Magincia replacing the highly famed and well regarded first mayor Hector. Days after taking his position the new Lord consulted with Cecil and various other Humanis officials and created the new Magincia Code which has been presented to the people of the great city in the form of a speech.
Article 4
Trinsic Bazaar

The Trinsic Bazaar experienced a great turnout. Well crafted wares were sold and given out as prizes for the various events and contests which entertained the spectators. Members from guilds all over Sosaria showed up to make this one of the most memorable occasions of the month.
-Cuthbert wins the Search for Mazuki Contest.

-Card Upgrade poll results in a four way tie.

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