Held By: Trinsic Council of Honour
Government Style: Democratic
Mayor: Martin Willow
Economy: Varies
Stability: * * *

The city of Trinsic stands strong among the neighbouring swamp lands. Represented as a paladin Trinsic wears an ankh and armour which holds a double meaning signifying the protective walls of the city. The weapon in his hand signifies the countless Paladin soldiers that can be hired within the city and the cornucopia represents the richness of its inhabitants as well as the annual Trade Bazaar.
Held By: The Empire of Nujelím
Government Style: Lineage based Empire
Empress: Sarah DíFiona
Economy: Sand and glassware
Special Status: Vassals of Moonglow
Stability: * * *

Nujelím stands dressed in the colors of the sand on which the city was built holding a royal sceptre which is representative of aristocratic history of the island. The jewellery symbolizes the architectural richness of the city. Her money pouch is overflowed and spilling over illustrating the wealth of the ruling classes.
Held By: Shadowform and various cults
Government Style: Despotic
Despot: Unknown
Fascet: Felucca
Economy: Ore, Slaves, bones
Special Features: Well of Souls
Stability: * * *

Caina is positioned on the northern section of Ice island also known as Dagger Isle under the Felucca moon. As the center of sin is acts as a beacon for all forces of darkness. Having long dealt with the slave trade and various heinous activities the personification of Caina does not have a human face and masters a whip of chains to symbolize the bond the dark sides has in its ingle mindedness to overthrow all that is good.
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