Held By: Moonglow Town Council
Government Type: Magoctratic Democracy
Mayor: GreyPawn
Economy: Reagents, cotton, wheat
Stability: * * * * *

Long seen as the prototype for how a city should run Moonglow is depicted as the confrontational soldier mage. Holding a sword in his right hand which represents might he wields a book in the other which stands for knowledge and the Lyceaeum as the center of scholarly learning. The Moonglow Alliance blue sunburst adorns his belt and the personification is dressed in Verity blue.
Held By: Guardians of Sosaria
Government Type: Democratic Parliamentary
Mayor: Savhanna
Economy: Lumber and animals
Stability: * * * * *

The hermit Spiritwood sits upon the shrine of Spirituality like a caretaker. One of the largest cities in the realm it is known for its peaceful atmosphere and natural climate which is hardly infringed upon by the buildings that tower nearly to the heights of the trees. It is a secret known by some though all are welcome to enjoy the friendly atmosphere that surrounds the hermit of the Trinsic area.
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