The Valorite Throne
Thoughts on the Regency
Succession of Regency Leadership:
1. Dayel Stormcrow
2. Kronos
3. Malacite
4. Azreal Lu’Rael
5. Kronos
6. Huma Dragonbane
7. Rufus
8. Lilyth Noir
9. Rufus

A highly stylized rendition of Lord British’s throne with great beasts at its arm rests and depicting the symbol of the Regency at its backrest. Abandoned by another Regent the valorite throne awaits a new occupant.
The Regency having existed for three years has seen nine Regents presenting an average three leaders per year.

Humanis has long stated that reforms within the Regency system were required. An overly extended bureaucracy has left multiple individuals with titles and few in the ranks of the military. A short history of the more recent Regency proves the dire situation that Britain is in:
With Huma working to reform the Regency some good things happened and the Loyalists were set towards a positive future, however the Regent retired and brought forth an era of insecurity where the next selected Regent was removed and a female half-elf placed in the role of leader. During the time of Lilyth the Regency accepted just existing and got involved in little beyond entertaining itself with random tournaments. Thus when Lilyth retired the atmosphere was stagnant and hope seemed to be at an all time low. Inter parliament vote alliances began to gain strength as people began to look at personal interests over the greater good. Rufus then once again became Regent, this time having won a great majority of the votes. After making a thrilling speech on reform he disappeared from the realm and set up new faces in the countless leadership roles within the Regency system. After a short stay in office he retired having done little. This is where we are today.

What needs to be done? A lot.
A real leader must emerge and run with Rufus’ vision, actually implementing reforms and taking steps to spur the Regency into action. A leader with dignity and vision needs to step forward, a human of intellect and destiny that would be willing to suffer the pains of leadership. One that like a farmer can plant the seeds of the future making the Regency evolve out of its blatantly inferior position.
Perhaps it is time the Regency looked outside itself for aide.
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