The Magincia Code
The following was said by Artius the new Lord of Magincia to the population and numerous visitors that attended the speech on the 18th of February in Magincia
*The following is a transcript of the New Magincian Code*

Article One: The Hand of Humanis holds sovereignty over the city of Magincia and all waters twenty leagues around the city.

Article Two: The appointed, executive leader of Magincia shall be known as the Lord of Magincia.

Article Three: A Constable shall be appointed, by the Lord of Magincia, to form a Magincian Guard which will serve as the standing defense force for the island and all holdings of Magincia and Hand of Humanis.

Article Four: A Minister of Trade shall be appointed, by the Lord of Magincia.

Article Five: All issues concerning Magincia shall be dealt with by the Lord of Magincia, Constable or the leadership of Hand of Humanis.

Article Six: The leadership of Hand of Humanis, Constable of Magincia, Lord of Magincia or any appointed officials have the power to create and authenticate Visas for the City of Magincia and all land holdings of Magincia and the Hand of Humanis.

Article Seven: All non-humans, inside of Magincia or controlled territories, must provide a written visa or the said non-human shall be immediately detained and fined.

Article Eight: All penalties concerning non-humans will be enforced by the Constable of Magincia.

Article Nine: All humans involved in the illegal trafficking of non-humans, into Magincia or Hand of Humanis holdings, shall be arrested and judged as non-humans.

Article Ten: All binding relationships between non-humans and residents of Magincia will be deemed null.

Article Eleven: All humans are equal, thus all facilities of Magincia and Hand of Humanis holdings are open to all humans.

Article Twelve: In times of war the Magincian Guard, under the command of the Constable of Magincia, shall be used as a standard military brigand.

Article Thirteen:
All humans and non-humans in occupied lands will be under the laws of Magincia.

Article Fourteen: Magincian officials and officials of the Hand of Humanis have the right to seize property, goods and gold from those non-humans and non-human supporters within the legal limits of their land.

Article Fifteen:
The Government of Magincia and the Hand of Humanis holds the right to alter, add or remove any law in this Code.

*signed by the officals of Humanis and Magincia*
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