Magincia's Best Sellers
The Minoc Wars

Still in the making it promises to be the best story ever told capturing:
-speeches from both sides, actual and fabricated as to what would have been said to gain an understanding of the mood of both factions.
-political manoeuvres by Humanis and the Drow
-battle plans
-war accounts
-anecdotes to blend seriousness with humour

Once completed it will encompass both the actual events leading up to and past the battles of Minoc as well as the new election within the Regency Loyalist system.
Coming Soon

Yes now you too can own this timeless treasure,
the Battle For Serpent’s Hold and the events that surrounded it include:
-The complete timeline from just before the declaration of war to the crowning of Lilyth Noir.
-Speeches preserved for posterity both that were actually said and witnessed as well as those that would have been said to gain a sense of epic to the great story.
-Battle Plans and events of the battles themselves.
-Poems written by witnesses to the battles
-Political maneuvers within the Regency and the Brotherhood of the Hand alliance systems.

Perhaps the most detailed and complete account of any recorded battle campaign in recent history.
-Isk as author

A must for your library!!

The Guide to Power

For those with high hopes the Guide to Power illustrates using modern and past examples of how to get into a position of power. It describes the positive and negative forms of government and touches upon subjects such as: mercenaries, treatment of citizens, alliances and battle tactics.

These books are not for the faint of heart as some of the methods described in the trilogy are severe and questionable. Thus it is recommended for entertainment only

-Rufus Oryan

Written by the philosopher Rufus Oryan the text explains the relations humans hold with non-humans. Taking a neutral approach to the subject of human and meta-human superiority and inferiority this book is suggested reading for all Humanis and Non-Humanis scholars.
Most likely the most famous book by the now retired father of sensibility and good taste.
You may get your copy of the above mentioned books at the Gypsy’s Crossroads of Life located on the crossroads near the Compassion shrine or by contacting this paper.
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