Cities and Towns
Personifications of Sosarian Lands
Personification: A figure of speech in which inanimate objects or abstractions are endowed with human qualities or are represented as possessing human form
Held By: Dark Order - Felucca / Contested - Trammel
Government Style: Militarism - Felucca
Overseer: Tarothin Armunn
Economy: Farming, fishing and lumber
Stability: * * - Felucca * -Trammel

Having lived through hardships on both facets Cove lives the life of a farmer warrior dressed in a leather tunic and standing among the wheat he holds a scythe in his hands. Dressed in simple clothes he looks forward with a weary expression awaiting better times.
Held By: The Hand of Humanis
Government Style: Humanis Republic
Lord of Magincia: Artius Windom
Economy: Diamond mining, sand harvesting and fishing
Stability: * * * *

Rising from the fires of a past best left forgotten Magincia displays classic elegance as embodied by her modest drapery. The gauntlet of Humanis radiates magical energy signifying Magincia’s past as the center for Magical research and its present position as the first home of Humanis. She wears a diamond studded diadem representing the industries of Magincia and holds a trident in her hand portraying the far reach of Humanis as well as Magincia’s waters.
Held By: Contested
Government Style: Democracy
Mayor of Yew: Contested
Economy: Lumber, wine and livestock
Stability: *

Yew stands among the grape vines dressed in the colors of the forest. He holds the scales of Justice in his left hand representative of the courts as well as an axe which represents the forestry industry. The arrows represent the hunting aspect as well as the wildlife found within the upper lands of Yew. A wine flask hangs at his belt linking to the vines at his knees which together symbolize the Yew Wine Festival. Yew has his eyes lifted to the sky with a careless expression on his face which illustrates its detached location tucked in the northern most corner of Sosaria where he is hardly ever bothered.
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