The Humanis Voice
The Loss of Mark Issue
Mark Randerstill's Eulogy             pg2

Poison Theory                            pg3

Aya's Chant                                pg4

The Importance of Family            pg5

The Humanis Poster                     pg6

The Regency's Gift                      pg7

Magincia and Trade                     pg8

Charles and Alizia Move back to Magincia                                    pg9

General News                            pg10

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Three months have gone by since the last Humanis Voice made its way to your hands. No doubt some of you may have forgotten about our little publication. This issue, though it deals with the most serious subject of Mark’s death also holds general news about Humanis and the goings on in the realm from a purely Human perspective.
Mark riding a white hors to the celestial afterlife as the new saint of Humanis...
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