The Mystery of Markís Death
Could Mark have been poisioned? Theories on Magincia circulate concerning the fate of Mark Randerstill.
The news of Mark Randerstillís death took many in Magincia by surprise. Mark has had no history of sickness though he mysteriously died over night due to a strange an unidentifiable disease. A very credible theory has surfaced in the last couple of days which makes Markís death into a possible murder plot. Indeed it is nearly impossible for a sickness to kill so quickly and murder takes only moments.

More and more people are seeing elves in the realm since the opening of the new lands. In addition to the increase in elves, certain new methods of assassination have been introduced and among the strange plants of the oriental islands there must be some that have poisonous properties. It is possible that because Magincian physicians were unable to identify the sickness from which Mark suffered he may have been poisoned by an unknown agent.

Surely the non-humans, in particularly the elves, would have reason to assassinate the leader of the Hand of Humanis.  Needless to say the followers of Humanis are keeping their eyes out for strange elves and evidence of new poisons.
Red Poison to blend with a victim's blood. A new tool of the elven assassin
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