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Mark Randerstill - Dies -

Mark Randerstill has died mysteriously of an unknown disease. At his side was Son Gohan who received the former Herald’s last words. All of Magincia entered a period of grief, children everywhere began to cry and older more traditional women began to pull at their own hair in absolute horror. The entire city went black for days. Son Gohan has since taken on the leadership role of the Hand of Humanis with the support of Isk and Drake.

Article 2
Isk Runs for Regent

The Magnate of the Hand of Humanis lost his attempt at running for the office of Regent to Nazralte. Because both men used to serve together in the Moonglow Town Council they agreed to support each other and have clean elections. Campaigning lasted for two weeks with successful debates at the end of the first week. In the end the vote was four to three in favour of Nazralte. Most of the former loyalist re-swore their oath to become loyalists.
Isk, who was effectively running single handed (his right arm was paralized due to an unfortunate ‘riding accident’) entered a period of mourning for his loss, changing his appearance to fit his mood by greying his hair with ash. He has since recovered.
Mark Randerstill, You will be remembered.
An idealized painting of Isk
Article 3

Mianna Wins in Trinsic

Congratulations goes out to Mianna of the Cult of Infernal Necromancy for being elected the mayor of Trinsic in a clean democratic election. This person has shown great care for the city of Trinsic and with the help of Savhanna and several members of GoS, Lily, Rose, Nernina, Mia from *V*, Remi and Smogg from Ncr put on a fantastic festival that managed to entertain the great many that came for three hours last month.

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