Mark Randerstill's Eulogy
Mark’s eulogy took place in Magincia on the 5th of February. The first speech presented here was given by Drake. Afterwards Isk and Alizia Randerstill gave their own speeches as well.
Good evening and welcome to Magincia. It is with a heavy heart that I deliver these words. As you’ve likely already heard, former Herald of Humanis, Mark Randerstill passed away last week from an unknown sickness. Although Mark is no longer with us here today, he will be forever remembered in our hearts.

     Mark personified all the qualities of a true leader. He liberated entire cities from the fists of oppressors. He held his brothers together in hard times. He brought hope to the hopeless. More then all this, though, Mark was a loving and caring father and husband. He loved his son, Charles, and his wife, Alizia to the end. Yet, they are not his only family. Mark called us all his brothers and as for the Party, we mourn not only our comrade, but also our family.

     Before the Movement liberated Minoc from the torturous Drow, Mark was vocally instrumental in proposing the idea to the Regency. Our request for help was denied and Mark was labeled a warmonger. We came back to the city downcast and saddened that the enslaved people of Minoc would remain so. Mark, though, would not give up so easily. We went to Minoc and freed the people, under the guidance of our leader – without anyone but ourselves. The compassion he displayed for, not only the people of Magincia, but for Humanity everywhere, even in a place so far as Minoc, was truly a sight to be seen.
Alizia giving the 3rd Eulogy at the Magincia Magicka.
   Mark is no longer with us but in times like these, he would not want to see us falter and lose focus of the Cause. If Mark were here today, he would tell us to be a united Humanity. There is still work to be done in our world and he would push us to complete our task we embarked on so long ago. In parting words, I leave you with some of Mark’s own: “Be happy. Do great things. Never forget, but never look back.”

For humankind indecision is the fruit of ignorance, hesitation of reflection. But the price of courage will surely be awarded most justly to those who best know the difference between hardship and leisure and yet are never tempted to shrink from danger. In short, I say that Mark made the ultimate choice in accepting the path of Humanis that was presented to him and thus his rewards in the afterlife will be great. He has realized and successfully managed our successes by depending on himself and others, he was both generous and strong, well spoken and forceful, virtuous and proud. And that this is no mere boast thrown out for the occasion, but a plain matter of fact, is proven by the grace of this Magincian Republic which was acquired by these virtuous merits as well as the continued presence of Humanis in this realm. Mark leaves behind his wife and child and many friends who will continue their travel on the righteous path. Indeed I have dwelt on the character of our departed leader and it has been shown that our loss is great. And if a test of Mark’s worth is to be wanted, it can be found in this closing scene, with us. Those who took the time to come and show reverence and respect for a leader have written the last chapter in his life.

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