Charles and Alizia Randerstill
       Return to Magincia
By Drake
Former Party member and widow to the grand and glorious fallen leader Mark Randerstill, Alizia Randerstill has decided to move back to the island of Magincia after having lived with relatives in Yew for some time. With her she brings Mark’s only son, Charles Marcus, named after both of Alizia's husbands. Charles grew up in the city of Magincia but left for Yew with his mother shortly after Mark retired as Herald. They had been living there for a few months time when the unfortunate news arrived.

It is likely that young Charles, 8, will be attending a private tutor. Despite being only a student, Charles’ celebrity status amongst the Magincian citizens, and would-be fellow students, may be a hindrance to a proper learning environment. The tutor is expected to be Adrien Garnier, longtime citizen of Magincia. The Party has offered to pay for all expenses in education. Alizia was not available for comment.
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