The Importance of Family
With all the decadence that has infiltrated society, loosening morals and twisting virtue, the once sacred institution of marriage has become subverted. Husbands and wives seek companionship outside of their vows with greater frequency, most of them lured by elf triggered romances. In some cases loose morality causes one to act in an overly flirtatious manner with absolute strangers, such things demean both the active and passive participant in the wooing and could very well lead to unwanted children. How often have you seen a whore at an otherwise cultured event sitting in a strangerís lap?

But what happens to the children when their parents run off to switch beds, hopping from house to house and partner to partner? Such unfortunate youths have no real chance to grow up in an acceptable home and thus often turn to destructive means of living. An individual is many times more likely to disappear from the realm after a disastrous and unfaithful marriage either by killing him or herself of retreating into isolation away from society. In many cases the neglected children of such a broken marriage even join cults where they are accepted as a family member and damn their fragile souls forever by participating in blood drinking.
A picture depicting Angelique, Athlon and Auris out for a walk.
Weddings among the orcs or in the Ebon Skull are as rare as catching a glimpse of Lord British. This is because those without a soul have no inclination to stick with one partner. As only humans have possession of souls (the other races being shells for various levels of sin as marked by the Manifesto) only humans have the ability to maintain their wedding vows. This explains why so many marriages in which a human and an elf join end in speedy failure. Though perhaps the greatest tragedy of such a marriage is the half-elf race which it spawns.

In conclusion a happy family can only consist of humans for the above stated reasons. However we humans are not immune to temptations so when the wicked elf whispers do not blush and return home to your wife and take care of your child and if you have no such fortune then seek out a human partner for the sake of marriage.
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