The Regency's Gift
In order to repair relations between the Regency and Duke Kotare the Hand of Humanis representative Isk pledged to have a statue built of Kotare to use as a gift. Due to the fact that the Black Wind Knights had been instrumental in helping the city of Britain when the invasion began it was unanimously agreed by all loyalists present that the statue should be built with all haste. Knowing that Magincia is the city of art and culture the Magnate of the Hand of Humanis persuaded the loyalists that such a statue should be made in Magincia. Therefore one week later the bust of Kotareís likeness was introduced to the loyalists and the silent crowd. Kotare was called forward by the Regent, Nazralte, and received the bust along with much praise for his leadership and help in the time of Britainís crisis.
Isk, Magnate of
Upon receiving the gift it became clear that a new beginning was at hand and old distrust could be replaced with friendship. Trammel is one step closer to its destiny.
Duke Kotare is one of the remaining leaders of Yew. His past accomplishments have been many and currently he leads one of the most successful and productive guilds in Sosaria. Adored by the people of Yew and praised by the nobles of Trammel he lists among the most influential humans of the realm.
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The Bust of Kotare